QLaser Technology

What is a Low Level Laser (Cold Laser):

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Low level lasers have been used around the world for nearly four decades in both industry and health. Low level lasers have been approved for safety by the FDA for bar code check out, laser printers, playing music on CD’s and for many other industrial uses. Low level lasers are so widely used that if they suddenly became unavailable, the economy of the world would suffer.

In many countries other than the United States, therapeutic low level lasers of various wavelengths have proven beneficial for all types of animals, including humans. Low level laser therapy in most of the world has been used for over thirty years and is considered routine. Based on over two thousand studies around the world, today low level laser researchers can safely say that low level lasers have an important biological effect in over 90% of the studies. In all of these worldwide clinical studies, there has not been one negative report concerning safety. In other words, light at this level is not only beneficial but very safe.

How it Works:

The QLaser system's unique light will activate tissues at the cellular level and increase the healing response for sick, injured or traumatized cells, working at the atomic level of any of the cells in the mammal body. One of the ways a real low level laser works is to re-energize the injured cellular membrane, allowing for better nutrition to reach the cell and form healthy new cells. All cells are composed of atoms. The simplest is the hydrogen atom with one positive charged proton and a negative charged electron. The positive charge proton is very stable while the electron is very unstable. Loss of electrons leads to cellular dysfunction and disease. The QLaser delivers the elusive electron back to the cell, promoting the production of ATP (Adenosinetriphoshate, an essential energy molecule) back to the cell, healing one cell at a time. ATP prevents the oxidation of the cell which occurs from an overabundance of free radicals within the body. The QLaser system is approved by the FDA for safety.

Ease of Use:

The QLaser System is light weight, portable, and easy to use with just the click of a button and a sound indicator to notify you when the cycle is completed. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I become a member of your Private Association in order to purchase your products?

If you know anything about alternative medicine, you know that the AMA, FDA, FTC and various other state and local organizations or agencies backing the pharmaceutical companies make life difficult for anyone who tries to manufacture, promote or sell anything that actually helps people to get well. These organizations or agencies make rules that restrict what alternative care providers can do or say about alternative health care options – including how low level lasers can assist in solving pain and health concerns. While the QLaser veterinary system is approved by the FDA for safety, neither the manufacturer nor the owners or representatives of QLasers can really tell the truth about how the QLaser benefits many other health conditions.

We have found a solution to that huge problem! Government agencies have a mandate to protect “the public” but have very limited jurisdiction over 1st and 14th amendment, private membership associations. By being a private membership association, we are free to serve our members, with the help they so desperately need, without unwanted and unneeded government intervention

Is the QLaser System Safe?

Yes, when used as instructed, the QLaser system is very safe. 

Can Medical Practitioners use a the Veterinary FDA Approved QLaser?

QLasers Veterinary Lasers are FDA approved for safety. Anyone, including medical practitioners can use the veterinary version of the QLaser System for anything they want. The QLaser works at the atomic level of the cells that compose the tissue and organs and as long as the professional does claim to treat human diseases, there is nothing wrong in buying and using the QLaser system for any condition. Most procedures and many devices used in the various medical specialties are not FDA approved. It is not illegal for doctors of any profession to use a non-approved device; however, it would be in violation of FDA and FTC regulations for doctors to advertise a non-approved device to treat specific diseases. Most of the complaints against medical practitioners come from State Regulatory Boards and are easily avoided by informing the patient that the laser device you are using is registered for safety by the FDA but has not been evaluated by the FDA for efficacy of treating specific diseases. Always have the patient sign an informed consent form.

Do all patients require the same dosage?

No, dosage varies and additional application should be based on improvement.

Will the QLaser burn me?

The QLaser System will not burn, however, warm blooded vertibrate patients who are photosensitive may get a red rash. Photosensitivity can be caused by certain medications, select herbs, and plants. If this occurs, stop using the laser and the rash will disappear.

Can I use the QLaser for Preventative Maintenance?

Yes.  Vertebrate, mammal bodies have internal communication from cell to cell via bio-photons, photons made by the mammal's own cells. The quantity and quality of bio-photons regulate well being and longevity. Disease, injury, sickness, surgery, aging and negative thinking all negatively affect bio-photon production. The QLaser system positively affects bio-photon production, enhances all organ and glandular function, plus it enhances the immune system.

Understanding Frequency.

All things on the earth have a frequency, including cells, tissue, and organs. Frequency is defined as the number of pulses per second. Another way of defining frequency is the number of times the lazy “S” wave is interrupted per second. Waves have an infinite capacity to store or transfer information. Higher frequencies communicate with cellular bio-photons and lower frequencies will open the cells to communicate with any organ, activating the bio-photon communication established by the higher frequency. The Q1000 Laser offers a range of 31 beneficial healing frequencies already established by factory programming with an ability to add up to 60 frequencies in each of the 6 empty mode slots in this laser from the laserfrequency.com website.

How does a low level laser differ from a Rife machine?

The Rife machine gives out frequencies of information, however, there is no light amplification delivered, so a Rife machine is not a low level laser. A low level laser is different in how frequencies are delivered to the body. The laser is bio photonic energy that actually communicates with the cells. Low level lasers use wavelengths and frequency but the delivery is different in that the frequencies are delivered with light amplification are now able to change the structure of the cell, or put the electron back to the cell, thus re energizing the cell.

Cost Effectiveness, How can I afford a QLaser?

Healthcare chaos is brewing and no one in authority will warn you about it. By passing the affordable care act, our federal government is trying to convince you that they can be trusted making your personal health decisions. History has shown the tragic consequences of socialized medicine being “rationing” of healthcare, longer periods of time before treatment will be given, increased costs, unavailability of doctors, longer waiting times for nonemergency surgery, and restricted access to specialists. According to studies reported on in “Death by Medicine”, the #1 cause of death in the US every year is Iatrogenic Deaths. Unbelievably, our current healthcare system causes 783,500 Iatrogenic Deaths per Year. (Iatrogenic deaths are those induced inadvertently by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures, including adverse reactions to drugs). Deaths from prescription NSAID’s is the 15th most common cause of death in the United States.

The QLaser system is a Grade A Medical Device that will allow you as a member of the private membership to take control of in today's healthcare environment for less than the cost of what most people spend on coffee or a cheeseburger per day. Call our office directly to see how affordable a QLaser can be, truly, you can’t afford to not have one with the changes in healthcare to come.

Is the QLaser warranted?

Yes, all QLasers come with a 2 year limited liability manufacturer warranty (unless purchasing a slightly used product). All lasers are very durable and we expect that they will last for many years. Some of our customers have been consistently using their QLaser for over 16 years.

How do I know that the QLaser will work for me? What is the guarantee?

Almost all QLaser purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee.  We also offer a unique Stop / Loss program to all buyers. If you are not satisfied with your membership and its benefits, you may resign your membership and return all of the educational materials and equipment anytime during the first six months of ownership and pay only a reasonable rental fee.

What if I need help using my laser? 

The staff at QLasers ensures that you are comfortable using your laser system from the time of delivery. We walk you through using the laser itself and the protocols.  We want to ensure that you are getting the results that you are looking for.  We are always here to assist with questions that you may have.  Dr. Lytle is often available to speak to private membership assocation members as well.

Please feel free to contact our office directly for a free consultation anytime. 866-375-9853